Raspberry pi + RTLSDR 144mhz RX only

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Raspberry pi + RTLSDR 144mhz RX only

Hi all,
I have been using wspr for a while now on HF using my 857 and wsjtx and on VHF using my 817 also using wsjtx.

I want to free up the 817 to do other things. I have read about options like WSPRD on a raspberry pi - I have about 12 of the little buggers so would be keen to use one of those.

I use the command: sudo ./rtlsdr_wsprd -f 144.489M -c VK1MIC -l QF44NT -S

I can never get spots despite one of VKs most prolific txer is only 10km away - normally a +20 to me on the 817.

I have confirmed I am using a stabilised RTLSDR and it's not wandering off freq.

I either need help to get WSPRD up or find another solution.