Feed WSPRD from RTL_TCP server.

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Feed WSPRD from RTL_TCP server.

Hi there,

I know there is an RTL_WSPR program that uses dongle to do WSPR.
However I'm not using dongles but RSP1A receivers for my websdr.
I can split these receivers to use websdr.org and give a second port for wspr.

I can't seem to find a WSPRD that can read the RTL_TCP protocol instead of wanting to control the receiver directly.
As the bands are sampled in total, it only needs to calculate it's frequency and send the received stations.

I have tested RTLMUXER to do the job and it makes 1 main signal and 1 listener signal that has no control but does get the entire band.

Anyone that has an RTL_TCP compatible version that can use the socket for listening for WSPR signals?