wsprnet speeds, time for an update?

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wsprnet speeds, time for an update?

Hi All,
I know that this has been talked about before and is being discussed on other groups but it is becoming a problem.

Accessing the website in order to check where I have been spotted or who I have spotted and uploaded to site is very flaky or impossible at times, especially on a mobile device.
I understand that this is a free site but is it not now time for the admin team to discuss and ask the users if they would be open to paying an annual fee which could fund better and quicker servers?
With the U3S and QCX i am sure that the number of wspr transmitting stations has increased, maybe not receive stations though, thus causing extra traffic which was probably not envisaged when the site was set up.

If there are no responses on this site to this post I take it people are happy with the situation, lots of responses and maybe admin will see it.