Active Stations.

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Active Stations.

Started for Andy, the great M0RON:-)
In another thread you said "With the U3S and QCX i am sure that the number of wspr transmitting stations has increased, maybe not receive stations though,"

If you look at the Activity page it gives some sort of idea of TX/RX activity.
Of course Txing U3s, WSPRlites etc do not show up unless they are actually received. My U3 is TX four bands but only shows once. (And on 60m I am not actually TX, my 60m TXs are automatically disabled when I'm not around.)
I am RX on 2 60m frequencies so if others do like me Activity may not be so reliable.
There are sites that gather a day's data from WSPRnet and show the number of RX and TX stations recorded but I've not got the links to hand. Even they do not record stations active but not spotted. Those that actually use WSPR/WSJT do send status reports to WSPRnet.

73 Alan