WSPR mode failure

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WSPR mode failure

Well.....Last few days I see that the map has finally become unusable to those of us without a computing science degree. The map, which has been of limited use for a very long time now, has finally disappeared and been replaced with a Google error message.

This also now affects the pop up sites that have been provided by a number of users over the the last few months.

The result is that there is now no way for me to display a map of spots (mine, yours or anyone elses.

After many years of fun with WSPR I will now be going QRT on this mode as it is simply not possible to use it as it was originally intended. Not much loss you may say. Indeed, but I have the feeling that the loss of mapping, coupled with the blatant inaccuracies of the databse are now killing WSPR as a mode and it will shgortly go the way of Opera.

Its a shame and I for one, wonder if the mode is to survive, should we not now be making it a subscription service where all the server issues, map issues and other problems that have dogged WSPR almost since its inception could be fixed by making it a paid service?

Anyway, food for thought.

Go with your God WSPR community, and 73!