Ubuntu 18.04.3 WSPR no decode

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Ubuntu 18.04.3 WSPR no decode

Alinco DX-SR8
Signalink USB

Dell i5 Core, 8 gig memory, WSPR 1.9.1, FT8 and WSPR

I am able to install and launch the program. Set the sound settings up and successfully transmit. I see activity on the waterfall but no decode on WSPR. I went through a number of posts and tested/changed various settings. No decode. As a last gasp try I jumped the audio out of the signalink to the input of a windows 10 machine and got a bunch of decode. Then I moved the whole radio over to the W10 machine and it runs fine. Propagation sucks a little right now but the program works. It's got to be something simple, but I am not finding it. Last change was to make sure I was in the dialout group. Ideas?

David KG7ZMX