It is about time to start getting ready!

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It is about time to start getting ready!


It is about time to start thinking about this Year’s New Year’s Eve QRSS Celebrating Operation. It is time to get your antenna’s up and setup before the Cold Blast of Winter makes you go back to your warm fire and comfortable Chair in front of your favorite radio. I saw a message on the QRP labs reflector from Hans that gave me a real insight to how many QRSS Transmitter kits he has sold since he started. I took out my calculator and they added up to 8,556 QRSS transmitters of all the different models he has made. If I by chance, try to estimate what the other builders have sold and the ones that were homebrewed by the different builders, Maybe another 2,000 altogether, There should be well over 10,000 transmitters SOMEWHERE. Is yours on the shelf in your comfortable radio room wishing to be on an antenna? Or stuck in the back of some cabinet in your radio lab FORGOTTEN? Time to drag them out, dust them off, plug them in, turn them ON, and see if they still work and you still REMEMBER how to do it. I don’t mean to be critical but some of the little transmitter have not been heard from since LAST NEW YEAR’S EVE. I don’t know about you, but there is all this stuff to make it work that you have to find. Where is the BNC to PL-259 adaptor disappeared to? I know my 5VDC wall wart was right in this drawer, isn’t it? Darn, my 30M QRSS antenna blew down last winter and I was going to fix it last summer and just haven’t done it yet.

Sound familiar? There may still be time to order and brand NEW U3S with a GPS card, Maybe a multiple filter switch card and some additional filters so I can actually get on 160M, 80M, 40M, 30M, and 20M this year. In case you have not noticed, there are almost 60 grabbers on Scott’s QRSS PLUSS webpage. and there are a lot more GRABBERS that are multiband receivers than mine. So there are many more opportunities to be seen in multiple places on mother earth that ever before. Another really neat development this year, is the use of the KIWISDR NETWORK by Bill W4HBK and others, allowing us limited grabbers in diverse places where there are not any established ones installed.
Places like Brazil, Bay of Islands New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Finland, France and south Africa and some of us who are actively transmitting were there. Yes, those little Milliwatt QRSS transmitters really do travel that far if you hook them up to an antenna and turn them on, even during this period of reduced propagation. Building or buying a multiband transmitting antenna may be as simple as putting your old Hustler mobile whip together and mounting it on the chain link fence in the back yard or the chain link dog cage like one of our members and be seen worldwide. (This is already being done by one of our members on 40M, 20M, 17M, 15M, 12M, and 10M using a Hustler Mobile whip with a special homebrewed 5 band adaptor and 5 resonators). Another good multiband antenna by one of our members is an ALPHA-DELTA DX-CC inverted Vee mounting and worldwide grabs of his Milliwatts signals. So, It can be done.

Well, Let me stop hear so you will have time to search around and start getting ready for this Year’s QRSS NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATION. I hope to see many of you on my WA5DJJ’s QRSS SUPER GRABBER this year. No, the HF bands are not dead, Just selective and unpredictable.

Take care and have fun. See you on New Year’s Eve.
73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ Las Cruces, New Mexico