python script to upload wspr spots from wsjt-x to

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python script to upload wspr spots from wsjt-x to

I recently created a python script so that I could upload wspr spots to without having to rely on wsjt-x to do the job and give me the control to initiate an upload when I was ready to do so.

It is a very simple python script which should be executed in the same folder as you find your all_wspr.txt file and will attempt to upload only those new spots in the all_wspr.txt file which were not present the last time the script was executed. does duplicate checking when you upload a file but uploading a very large all_wspr.txt file is time consuming compared to uploading a few dozen spots.

The script will create a log.txt and a last line count file when it is first run. If there are spots in the current all_wspr.txt file that you wish to upload after that first execution then simply edit the number found last line count file to be representative of those spots you wish to upload (i.e. subtract 50 to upload the last 50 spots).

Ensure Upload Spots is deselected in WSJT-X WSPR mode.

You can then schedule the python script to execute on an odd minute and seconds using the task scheduler (or cron under Linux) or call the python script from a batch file (or a bash script under Linux) or manually execute once or several times a day - whatever suits your needs.

Tested on Win10 and only with Python 3 and requires the python requests library. There is nothing unique about the script that should prevent it from running equally well on Windows or Linux.

I have been running this script for nearly a week on Win10, scheduled via Task Scheduler and seems to have weathered well the ups and downs on the weekend during system maintenance.

There is a basis notes file which contains some details on setting up a Windows task. This document will remain a work in progress when and if I make any updates to the script.

As time permits I will be testing further on a Raspberry Pi and Raspian.

This script uploads spots via the page. I have not tested on page yet but will do so shortly. The https page exists and it is a simple job to edit and change to at the same time you update your myCall and myGrid in the source file.

provided as is, with limited support. Do let me know if you find this useful.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc