Reported Power Errors on Database

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Reported Power Errors on Database

Overnight on 19th/20th Nov, and currently, my Power as reported via the database is either 5W (correct) or 1mW (incorrect) on multitudes of reports on two bands. Many other transmitting stations have the same problem. A brief investigation shows that some Receiving Stations are returning 1mW on all their received spots. This problem may be temporary as fallout from the Site Maintenance on 16th Nov. Not all stations are effected. I am currently using WSJT-X but will switch to other WSPR software to determine whether they are effected.

A quick check shows the fault present on both WSJT-X and JTDX. On both software systems my own received spots are correctly displayed on my PC screen but the reported spots on the database shows 1mW for the same stations so either the reporting chain is garbling that data or the database itself is incorrectly processing the incoming stream.

The Old Database is displaying the same incorrect powers so it appears that the source for both databases is processing Power incorrectly.

At 1352 changed to WSPR 2.12 and correct Database entries immediately displayed. At 1406 reverted to WSJT-X and Database entries now correct on this system.

Presumably the problem has been observed by WSPRnet and action taken to correct the fault.