what is "x/x" on KB9AMG detailed per day per band report?

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what is "x/x" on KB9AMG detailed per day per band report?

So I drilled down and maybe it is the number of days you had a 2-way with any specific call, but that is only true some times, so it must be something else...here is an example

2019-12-23 WA4KFZ-FM18 (60)

60 40m CM88-N6XN----5/5 CM98-KJ6WSM-14/14 CM98-KP4MD--10/10 CN85-W7OWO--15/15

see the 5/5.....14/14....10/10...15/15...that is what is driving me mad...meaning oh wise ones?

When I drill down on each one and ponder...I see no consistent pattern. ahhhhh...

For extra credit...using my call KM4UDX, i see more unique calls, but lower x/x numbers compared to others. What am I missing? why is my x/x relatively low? How can I do better? Youth wants to know!!!

2019-12-23 KM4UDX-FM18 (92)

92 40m CM87-NN6RF---1/1 CM88-N6XN----4/4 CM97-AG6NS---5/5 CM97-K6BJA---1/1
CM97-N6KOG---2/2 CM97-WB6JHI--6/6 CM98-K6SDW---1/1 CM98-KJ6WSM--6/6