Signalink and FT1000MP won't decode

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Signalink and FT1000MP won't decode

I have been fiddling about with various data modes - purely as receive using my FT1000MP Field and a Signalink - connected via a Data cable to the rig and via USB to the laptop.(not worried about TXing right now)
The setup works fine using Sorcerer (HFDL/ACARS & RTTY transmissions), FLDigi (PSK31.63/RTTY etc) but refuses to work with either WSJT-X or WSPR. (the test samples decode fine)
The in/out is set to USB codec and both progs seem to be receiving as far as the waterfall is concerned - but nothing gets decoded> (I have tried input via line in as well but no difference)
WSJT fails to decode anything - not just WSPR.

Any ideas would be welcome