Dial frequencies /modes on FT1000MP Field

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Dial frequencies /modes on FT1000MP Field

I have FT1000MP Field ...using it with a Signalink/ laptop WinXP. I can get the prog to key the transmitter (no CAT ...radio PTT method set to DTR)...... only if the radio is set to RTTY/USB.
If I set the radio to USB and freq (for instance) to 7.03860...the Xmitter does key when sending but no output showing on PWR meter.If I switch to RTTY+USB it works fine. Only thing is that changing to RTTY/USB changes the frequency readout to 7.040730. RX still functions - in fact better than when on straight USB.(more stations logged)
What I would like to know is how the changed readout affects TXing freq.


Dave G4OTU