TX freq error using f distribution view of offset

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TX freq error using f distribution view of offset

I set the TX offset to 150Hz above 1400Hz. After a while of operations, the mode of the distribution is 152Hz above 1400Hz. Does this mean that my little radio is sending 2Hz above the dial frequency?

I am using all RX stations, and I don't know how good they are. I just figured that I could crowd source my TX freq accuracy reports....If the RX stations have random errors, they should net out and leave me with my errors? How do I find a GPS-DO reporting station?

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->22:31:24 [79] Round trip in 0.8 secs
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The Chart shows the 200Hz WSPR audio passband.
HINT: Check your TX frequency against a GPS-DO reporting station.
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Spot Frequency: 3.570152MHz
Offset from 1400Hz: 152
Number of spots: 28