Keying station QRM in 80m WSPR band

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Keying station QRM in 80m WSPR band

Yesterday and today there is a high power unidentified continuously keying station developing sidebands at 10Hz intervals over the whole of the 80m WSPR band from a carrier which moves frequency occasionally. Any WSPR station transmitting near the carrier frequency receives very few spots from receiving stations. A wide separation from this carrier provides the usual number of spots.

The signal appears to emanate from sky wave propagation since it exhibits considerable fading.

Does anyone know the source of this severe QRM? How far does this QRM spread geographically?

I have not heard the QRM on any other band. A further observation is that the QRM causes strong WSPR stations heard here in Sussex to develop several spurious additional WSPR transmissions at 10Hz intervals away from their carrier frequency.These stations are normally clean transmitters.

The QRM sounds like a CW station with his electronic key wedged to transmit dots continuously for hours on end. At 1928 on 16th March the keying frequency reduced resulting in sidebands at 3Hz intervals but with much less frequency spread.

On March 17th QRM still present. Occasionally the continuous dots become dot - dash sequence for a second or so.

This sounds like deliberate interference from a deranged station.