No map display (ON ONE PC!)

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No map display (ON ONE PC!)

Hi - This is driving me crazy, and is almost certainly operator error...

I have two PCs in the shack, both running Windows 10, both online and looking at
Both PCs display my (or any) activity in tabular form, when the database is interrogated.
However, whilst the map display on one PC shows activity, as expected, I cannot persuade the other one to display a map. At all.
The settings are the same. I've tried just searching for spots of me, and completely open searches. But if I press the UPDATE button....nothing!

UPDATE - It appears to be a 'Chrome' thing. It works fine on Edge. But it always used to be happy with Chrome. The PC in question was subject to a Windows update, last night, so I'm guessing this is a clue??

Any ideas?

Thanks and 73 - Martin, G4EFE