WSPR on the cheap!

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WSPR on the cheap!
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OK, so this WSPR thing has grabbed my attention again and I was wanting to see how or if my antenna and propagation is from N. Las Vegas the past few days. Since I like tinkering and have a simplistic set-up, some antennas, and an HF rig (TS-50 with intermittent receive audio problems) I tried to see if I could send out a signal. No interface, no computer (but using my phone iPhone 11 w/ WSPR Watch, and some headphones).

And the results, it WORKED! Albeit, very crude and probably not the best but using nothing more than the phone and holding the microphone of the radio up to the a set of headphones while keying the radio and then letting go once the transmission was done, I was able to get out, all over the place. So as its not the best setup, but nonetheless it worked as it should.

Granted, I'm using 10 watts and I know the design of the protocol is for Weak signal but I don't have that as of yet. I do have Rspb3 sitting next to me waiting to get used for some experiments. But finding non-cryptic, basic beginner info is a challenge, since everyone has their own way of doing it and being open source, that has it's issues as well.

73's for now Jason