WSJT-X 64 bit ARM

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WSJT-X 64 bit ARM

there are a couple of 64 bit ARM boards available, like: Odroid N2, C2, and C4.

The WSJT-X website has an install file for 32 bit Raspberry PI, but not for 64 bit ARM.

To get a full 64 bit ARM installation I have made a Linux script, it is available here for download:

* open a terminal, you are now in the home folder of your computer, i.e.: /home/odroid. If not, then go into your home folder: cd ~
* download this script with the command:
* make it executable:
chmod 755 install_wsjtx
* run the script:

it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete. The script installs all required software and libraries, downloads the WSJT-X sources, compiles and installs everything.

Tested on Odroid N2, and C4.

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