Reboot Amateur Radio WSPR RX "Contest"

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Reboot Amateur Radio WSPR RX "Contest"

Greetings from South Africa. The Reboot Amateur Radio Group in South Africa has decided to have a fun WSPR RX "contest" event on a monthly basis to see who can receive WSPR stations over the longest RX distance possible on any band in South Africa. Our longest distance to date is on 40m with a winning distance of 16 855 km received during the SA Covid19 Lock-Down. The "contest" is run on a monthly basis and a certificate is issued to the winner that received a station over the longest distance. This sparked a lot of interest in WSPR and propagation studies in areas of the world. The group will be looking out for WSPR stations all over the world. Hawaii is currently in great "demand" as it will constitute the longest distance between South Africa and another country. Possibly setting the record South African WSPR RX distance.