Rx noise -30dB

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Rx noise -30dB

Hello one and all.

I finally had time to get back to this old hobby. Sadly 6 years older and 6 years more junk has gone into my brain to replace the useful stuff FIFO etc

I have set my rig up as previously (FT-817 though Z817 and Signalink USB) but now windows 10 rather than 7 before (over which the user had far more control)

I believe I have set all up correctly using WSPR 2.0

The unit is switching to transmit every few minutes and then back to receive.

Problem is, WSPR is reporting a red Rx noise -30dB all the time.

To me, this means I need to get more audio level to the pc for decoding. I have tried adjusting the RX gain on the Signalink but it gives no effect. It is almost as if the pc is not seeing the audio feed (yes, I have checked that the microphone is selected as USB audio CODEC and not the bult in laptop mic). Windows 10 doesn't have (or appear to have) a mixer for input volume.

Any help gratefully received.