FST4W spots on wsprnet

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FST4W spots on wsprnet


I noticed that spots in the new FST4W mode are submitted to the wsprnet database, which is great. It would be even better if the used mode could be stored as well in the database, but that is already being discussed in another topic.

I found that FST4W-spots on 2200m and 630m are accessible through the wsprnet-database. But not FST4W-spots on 160m. They are only accessible through pskreporter.
It would be good if the 160m spots could be included as well.
A possible reason might be because FST4W is using a different spectrum on 160m than WSPR (In contrast to 630m and 2200m, where the frequencies are the same).
Personally I would prefer if FST4W-120 would share the same spectrum with WSPR on all bands.