WE have 31 Days to got to the QRSS New Year's Eve operation!

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WE have 31 Days to got to the QRSS New Year's Eve operation!

We WELCOME ALL WSPR/QRSS operators to JOIN us in our Annual QRSS New Year's Eve Celebration!

We have 31 days to get ready to begin this year’s QRSS New Year’s Eve Celebration. This one can be done with a MAXIMUM Social distancing with minimal chance of catching the COVD19 VIRUS. But it does take some preparation. Take a look at QRSS plus and see all of the neat new and expanded grabbers that now exist. So the transmitter operators have a larger number of expected targets. Propagation of the last three weeks has been improving with a sunspot numbers rising and as I write this message there are 4 sun spots on the sun. We have not seen that in a while. So, gang, dig the transmitters out and give them a loving touch. If you have an extra one, loan it to a friend and let him also join the FUN. I hope all your antennas are working as winter starts to set in. I want all to be here on New Year’s Eve, So practice Social distancing, wear your mask, and check out your QRSS transmitters. The extra testing signals will help all the grabbers peak and tweak their systems to make this year’s New Year’s Eve even more memorable.

I will be posting this to other email reflectors and if you have a local club one or know of another one that will help us spread the word.

Take care and have fun. QRSS is a BLAST, even at mW’s. Help our group GROW in this difficult time. Support the KNIGHTS OF THE QRSS.