WSPR on QO-100

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WSPR on QO-100
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I'm running wspr on NB QO100 near freq 10489.568Mcs, the power output is around 50mw (the output of a DXpatrol up-converter locked GPS) in a 6tr helix antenna/80cm offset dish, the TX is an old raspi device PI_A+ clock is locked GPS, the WSPRPI software generates a 28.069500Mcs WSPR stream frequency signal, wish is sent, via a BP filter, to the DXPatrol down-converter input.
What should be the right freq to use for standard on QO100 ? and also how I can spot report on (10489.500Mcs is not planned in K1JT WSJT-X Working Frequencies. I used 73cm band to spot temporally !)
Rene F6bir.