New daily archive file suggestion

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New daily archive file suggestion

Recently the WSPRnet server has been taking quite awhile to create the monthly archive file, sometimes 2-3 hours longer than normal.

To reduce the server load, I'm wondering if it would be better to instead create a daily archive file that just contains the spots for one day. This would be similar to the way the archiving is done on the Reverse Beacon Network.

The monthly file has gotten quite large recently and with sunspots increasing, is likely to get much larger over the next few years.

For me, a daily archive file would be much easier to work with as my site really only needs the data for the day just ending. It is only at the end of the month that the site uses the monthly file to include the spots that were uploaded late.

This would also reduce the amount of downloading needed since a daily archive file would be about 45-50 MB, vs. 1 GB or more for a monthly file.

One drawback to the daily archive file is that spots that were uploaded after a given UTC day had ended would not be included in the daily archive files. The spots would still show up in WSPRnet database searches, however.