FT890D Settings and WSPR

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FT890D Settings and WSPR


I would be very interested in hearing your views regarding settings on this txcvr for WSPR reception.

I seem to be getting the best results (including less additional same station decodes) with the following set-up / signal path:

>>> 160m dipole > 1.8MHz HPF (hopefully to reduce the MW levels) > FT897D ATU > FT897D RX.

The FT987D settings include IPO (ON) so lowering the gain.

The WSJT-X displayed audio levels are "in the green" at around 35 to 40 dB.

I still get (more than one, but less with these settings!) same station decodes, but usually with around a 30dB + difference in levels, however I just want to make sure that these multiple decodes are not due in your view to any overload or to my end set-up.

Many thanks,
73, John G8DYK