last day of month not being archived

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last day of month not being archived

The January archive file only contains 30 days of data. After January 31st had ended, the January archive did not get updated. Instead, an archive file was created for February even though the new month had just started. The February archive files were each less than 1 KB.

With the new server, I've noticed that the timestamp on the archive files is now UTC date/time. It used to be Eastern time. So maybe when January 31st ended, the server used the UTC month (February) instead of the month that just ended (January) to determine which month archive name to use?

The archive for February 1st was created successfully tonight. However with the current configuration, at the end of February on the 28th, the server may try to create an archive for March instead of updating the February archive with the spots from the last day of the month.

Mark - KB9AMG