VK3RMV now allocated 6 and 10m wspr frequencies.

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VK3RMV now allocated 6 and 10m wspr frequencies.

As per ACMA database WIA FTAC the licensee for VK3RMV Beacon have obtained permission to transmit on
50.293 and 28.1264 wspr mode 2K50W7W up to 25 watts or 85 eirp from Mt Baimbridge in western districts.
Licence number is 213172.
Duty cycle <30% so it becomes an effective reverse beacon where the users can ping the site after it has completed its Tx cycle.
Rig is an FT991 into a 5/8th 6M vertical that conveniently doubles as a 10M 1/4 wave.
Reports since activation came from US, KH6, KG6, JA, BY, HL, VK2,3,4,5,6, ZL and China.
The beacon is licenced for cw ops on 6,2,432 but it is unlikely that those old school modes will be reactivated or converted to the plethora of beacon modes using JT65AB C or JT4 that are in operation in vk today.
At least on wspr mode we share a common frequency with all wspr users using a common and very useful mode.
To make the muf reporting worth its while we need more ops on 10 and 6 in the Southern Hemisphere and Indian and Pacific Ocean regions.