Balloon or bogus spots by multiple spotters

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Balloon or bogus spots by multiple spotters

I occasionally get a bogus spot that I've always assumed was due to corrupt data or noise on my end, but lately I have had a rash of spots when I unselect the "exclude special callsigns" option. These signals are spotted by multiple stations, such as 053JWQ which was uploaded by 36 unique stations with the exact same timestamp of 2021-05-15 14:52. The grid square is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It makes no sense that a balloon telemetry transmitter would make one and only one transmission which would be heard and uploaded by 36 stations and nothing else. I've posted a screen cap here:

I'm curious what these signals are - my best guess is someone with a good antenna/power just fooling around with some randomly configured wspr parameters. But I have found a number of other examples with a bogus-looking callsign and only one transmission that is spotted by dozens of stations with a nonsensical grid-square location so it's not a one-time event.

73, Bob W9RAN