10m Versatile TAPR WSPR beacon board NOT WORKING!

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10m Versatile TAPR WSPR beacon board NOT WORKING!

--PROBLEM: board not beaconing, but on rpi monitor i see the board lightening up
i have the ip address, i see the dongle lightening up and i am
able to connect to the board to see that it is online.

i have a monitor connected to the rpi and i see everything is working just fine.
one the monitor i see the TX happening every 10 min.

BUT nothing on wsprnet.org... why?

--DIAGNOSIS: i also have the TAPR 30m WSPR board. it works great.
i use the same antenna (40-6 works great when using on radio for other modes)
i use the same rpi but switch TAPR board.
my assumption is there is something i did in soldering the caps and diodes on the board -
but i have had others look at the board and they see no problems.
other than that it has to be something wrong with the board

--CURE: stay tuned... the TAPR guys are on HOLIDAY. i want to send the TAPR board with the rpi and my chip
or just ask them to send me another 10m TAPR board.