20 mW WSPR on 2m. Any chance?

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20 mW WSPR on 2m. Any chance?

Hello, I've just received an RFzero and I've set it up barefoot (20mW) on 144 MHz on a 6 él beam, 20m RG213 (a bit lossy I confess...). Local RX on the main station is working fine.

There are very few RX stations around in central Europe on 2m, and I didn't get any decode after several days of trial.
- What kind of range shall I expect with such a station? (I am planning a small 2W PA but mainly interested in real QRP)
- Has somebody experience with such QRP level on 2m?
- Shall I turn the antenna for a while toward anybody interested? I am located in western Switzerland, best azimuth are East...South-West, the rest is blocked by the Jura mountain chain or need reflection onto the Alps.
Best 73