FT8 signals on 20m WSPR frequency?

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FT8 signals on 20m WSPR frequency?
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What's going on here! Doesn't anyone stick to band plans these days?

The 20m WSPR frequency of 14095600 is full of FT8 signals and for me totally wiping out WSPR signals! FT8 transmissions I thought should be centered around 140740 and not be this far up the 20m band? Perhaps this is a propagation issue as sometimes all I receive are WSPR sigs and how it should be?

I don't recall this being an issue when JT9 and JT65 were the 'current flavour' and I enjoyed working on those modes, but seems like FT8 (which BTW I haven't tried) is like a cancer spreading through the bands! Certainly on 20m :-(

73 John