QRSS New Year's Eve Celebration

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QRSS New Year's Eve Celebration

Dear WSPR NET Members,

This is to announce the QRSS New Year's Eve Celebration that will take place on the air from 0001Z 30 December 2021 until 2400Z January 1, 2022. There is a QRSS Grabber somewhere in the world on every QRSS frequency band available for operation. Some of the QRSS Grabbers also receive and display WSPR signals. Others receive and report them to WSPR NET. Many of you use the QRP Labs U3s which can be programed to do both QRSS and WSPR simultaneously. If you program your U3S for WSPR first in a 10 minute frame, there is room to send one or two QRSS DFCW transmissions on the QRSS frequencies and do double duty. If you have any of the QCX series transceivers, Update your firmware to 1.07 which now has a FSKCW BEACON MODE which is a really good QRSS mode.

To find out where the Active QRSS Grabbers are, goggle QRSS PLUS and that site has every known active QRSS GRABBER in the world. You will be able to view your signal there.

We QRSS groups want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and hope that we ALL have a much better New Year. Start it by transmitting your WSPR and QRSS signals.

Take care and have fun. QRSS is a BLAST, even at mW's
73/74 Dave WA5DJJ
SUPER GRABBER https://www.qsl.net/wa5djj/