XMAS Topeband QCX+

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas WSPR outing for the QCX+ on top band was fun. I will be downloading the DB to analyse the signals, but so far so good. I can see drift as I'm not locked to GPS yet but results overall very good.

I'm currently static maritime mobile near Goole Docks UK. (IO93) just off the tidal rivers Ouse and Humber, which leads out to the North Sea. I don't think there is much salt water in the marina as it's behind Ocean Lock and a little inland by about a mile on a freshwater river.

I only have a temporary wire of about 10m running from the bow, up onto a 4m mast and then towards the stern. There is an external remote auto AMU, but this is out of circuit as the wire is to short at the moment for topband as it does not get a match. Earth is about 5m of wire with a small brass "anchor" thrown overboard!

It will be interesting to test the antenna(s) as I experiment with them.

Happy WSPRing