Setting up an ICOM IC-745 for WSPR

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Setting up an ICOM IC-745 for WSPR

I hope this is not off topic.

I'm setting up my IC-745 for WSPR send/receive. I ordered a Signalink with the cable to connect through the mic input. That's what their documentation recommends for this rig, however I talked to one of their sales persons and they said they sell an unterminated cable also and said I should be able to make up a cable end for the accessory socket on the back.

I've looked at the pinout for that socket in the manual... I see the pin for transmit, I see the pin for audio out from the radio, but I see no audio input pin...

My question is, does anyone here have any experience connecting to the accessory socket on this radio? Also I'm not sure how to search for the connector... I've ordered parts on Mouser and DigiKey before, but I dont' know what to call the connector on the back.