Talking up activity by WSPRing on more bands

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Talking up activity by WSPRing on more bands

Hi All,

I’ve been running WSPR for a few weeks now and have found it to be really useful for evaluating various antennas and propagation conditions.

However, one slight frustration is that most activity still remains on 10MHz.

I can understand why this is the case, as activity tends to spawn further activity, and it’s always good to know that you are not just ‘WSPRing to the wind’.

But can I suggest that we collectively find a way of activating more bands ?

Perhaps we could do this on the basis of a ‘different band per day’ or perhaps have a ‘band of the week’ in order to encourage more activity outside of 10MHz ?

That’s not to say we shouldn’t operate on 10MHz (or any other band which may be appropriate due to changes in conditions) but maybe we could try and WSPR on the designated band for that day / week / month rather than always hanging out on 30m.

Just my thoughts, anyone else got any suggestions ?