No longer seeing me as "Reporter", only "Caller"

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No longer seeing me as "Reporter", only "Caller"

I have been running WSPR fine for weeks, seeing spots in the database both as Reporter and Call, as both those fields have been filled in. About 3 days ago, I stopped seeing me as Reporter; I only saw other people's spots of me as Call. I still see the decoded spots in the WSPR program as usual; they just do not show up on the Internet (, and I DO have Upload spots checked; always have. And I have double and triple-checked the spelling of my call sign for Reporter. I ran a spot list for the last week on all my bands, and the Reporter side dropped out about 3 days ago. It is driving me nuts, because I cannot see anything that possibly could have changed. I thought at first maybe the audio input to computer got messed up, but as I said, I still get the spots IN the program, and I get the waterfall, just not my spots of other people from the internet. Any ideas?