My evolution with WSPR

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My evolution with WSPR

I started, I think only a few weeks ago, with WSPR using it as a way to test the QCX I had built. 5 watts on 40 meters. Then I set up my IC745 for digital modes, and used WSPR to test an off center fed dipole I just built (It's installed in my garage). Ran on 40 meters with between 5 and 10 watts.

But I think now I'm finally where I a should be with WSPR... learning about HF radio propagation. And today I set my radio down to .5 watts to see what would happen... and tonight, from western NY, I am reaching Europe and the NW coast of Africa on half a watt with an antenna in my garage. (maybe thats more of a testament to the spotters using decent antennas/radios than my skill in making a stealth antenna.)

What it is looking like to me is that I don't need power to see WHERE my signal can be heard. half a watt seems plenty. Sure in most cases he SNR is pretty low, but in some cases, it's quite good.

maybe it was just a great night on 40 meters, as the waterfall was full of strong signals

its a fun thing to study.