(SOLVED) How generate ALL_MEPT.TXT from rtlsdr_wsprd raspberry pi daemon?

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(SOLVED) How generate ALL_MEPT.TXT from rtlsdr_wsprd raspberry pi daemon?
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UPDATE: While test rtlsdr-wsprd deameon one ouput give a clue: "curl can connect" i try: rtlsdr-wsprd -help and se the option -x no report to wsprnet... so i think the rtlsdr-wsprd make a auto report to the WSPRnet and thats it i filter the Map with my callsing and see my RX WSPR report.


I get started my raspberry pi and rtlsdr rafael micro R820T tuner, after some freq correction make receive a some Spots:

Date Time(z) SNR DT Freq Dr Call Loc Pwr
Spot : 2022-07-06 01:52:00 -12.99 -1.38 7.040000 -4 N8VIM FN42 37
Spot : 2022-07-06 01:54:00 -9.65 -0.87 7.040039 0 K4YLP EM73 37
Spot : 2022-07-06 01:54:00 -10.98 -0.61 7.040008 1 K4APC EM81 37

I use https://github.com/Guenael/rtlsdr-wsprd program but i don't know how build a ALL_MEPT.TXT data from command output. I think need a proccess with awk or sed commands or something like that.

The ALL_MEPT.TXT are a csv file?

Note: My RTLSDR is like the attach picture i need some freq. correction, with the follow command work ok:

rtlsdr_wsprd -f 7.0386M -c XESWL0708 -l EK36kp -d 8 -p 46

Thanks for help and sorry for my awful english.