WSPRencode to WAV-file

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WSPRencode to WAV-file

Dear list,

I am looking for a small and headless (terminal oriented, program (source) to encode WSPR (Type 1 to Type 3) as WAV output file.

WSJTX does this in a graphical environment with direct output to a soundcard.
I know of SimJT (windows) and the earlier wsprsim (.c2 as output) and lots of programs to encode the WSPR Type 1 as list of frequencies within the {0 .. 3}. -- these frequency list converted to sound needs a special "roll out-filter". When converted to a sound file the roll out-filter reduces the band width of the TX-sound.

The needed wav encoded output could be feed into a SSB-TX and ranges between 1400 and 1600 Hz (depending of the selected frequency in the wspr band) -- very similar to the WSJT-X-programm

A search on this website and on the search engines does not give a direct link on a suitable source code for a use on linux. (A solution could be a script with some standard tools like sox or csdr)

do you know of any helpfull link?