QRPp auto antenna tuner

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QRPp auto antenna tuner

Does anyone know of a QRPp, external, RF sensing, internal battery powered, auto antenna tuner?
I already have an IC7300 and AH4 which will enable me to band hop tx but I reckon that's overkill when I only want to run less than 1 watt. The IC7300 is noisy and power hungry.

I am aiming to install a 43' vertical which will be approx. 20 metres from the shack.

I would rather use my FT817nd but matching at the antenna is the problem. 20 metres of RG213 and awful swr and losses does not appeal, even with a 4:1 unun the swr is very bad according to the information I have read, hence the need for an ATU.
Realistically, is there a market for such a tuner, given the number of WSPRers out there?
Probably not commercially, but it would be a handy bit of gear!