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I got the Rec part of the display working correctly, and then worked on the Tx part. Set the 817 to 1 watt, entered 30 dBm into the Options, set the VOX on the 817 and got it to go into Tx mode, USB, adjusted the Mike gain till the ALC bars almost disappeared. After a cycle or two, went to the Map display on WSPRnet and saw my call. I clicked on it. When Rec only, it said that, and when I started to transmit, it said that also, but, unlike the other stations around me, I didn't have the " Hearing" and "Heard By", just my call and Tx and 30 dBm. I checked all of the stations near me, and none of them were hearing me. I upped the power out of the 817 to 2.5 watts, and same thing. Now I'm using an indoor antenna but, if I'm rec other stations, shouldn't I be heard?
I'm not sure how the info that I'm transmitting gets to WSPRnet. Is it via the transmitted signal, or, via computer link? If it's via transmitted signal, shouldn't my display on the Map show "Hearing" and "Heard By"?

Tnx for any help.
73, Bill, k6mgo