Blank Call with 6 Character Locator

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Blank Call with 6 Character Locator


I use WSJT-X 2.5.4 for WSPR receiving and over the last few months I have seen decodes
such as "<...> JO31KM 23" and "<...> IO91KM 23". The original callsign (possibly a compound type)
is never substituted from the hash table. Most 2-part messages seem to work correctly but not these examples.
Is there a reason that I might not be receiving the original callsign? Is there anything
in WSJT-X which might stop a callsign such as F/DL0XX or DL0XX/3
from being included in the hash table? The callsign "DL2XL/P", for example, does decode
correctly with a 6 character locator.


David Owen