Testing my New WSPR equipment

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This is a homebrew Si5351a PLL coupled directly to my GP-3 antenna (modified for 20-17-15-10 meters operation) and controlled from an Arduino Nano with an SSD1306 OLED and using a RTC board for timing.
The station is using the very fine firmware of W3PM, Gene Markus, under the name of WSPR Multifunction Project, that was originally published at QEX July-August 2020 issue.
You can get this excellent code @ Github/W3PM. All credits naturally go to Gene.
I am using an Si5351a module from SV1AFN.com shop mounted on an Arduino Nano motherboard provided again from SV1AFN.com shop. Power is from 5 Volt wall-wart. The output is 5 mWatt!