VISTA WSPR and microkeyer II

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VISTA WSPR and microkeyer II

Back to Friedrichafen hamfest with a brand new Microkeyer II, I experimented this 'lovely' box with WSPR / VISTA.
All is working fine (integrated soundcard, decoupled audio path, tunable audio levels via pots, virtual PTT, ...) AND the output audio channel ( seen as 'casque pour telephone' in the WSPR audio devices) doesn't need to be set as the 'by default' audio sound card in the Windows mixer to work !.

I have now two WSPR occurences running concurrently on the same VISTA computer, one on VHF with a traditional USB to SERIAL for the PTT+Presonus firebox for the audio and one on 30m with the microkeyer doing the whole job.

Still wondering why the output audio channel from the presonus has to be set as the windows mixer default output device. ... A shame, I can't listen to my mp3 while WSPRing on 2 and 30m !.

Best regards
Jean-marc F1HDI