WSPR taking up huge amounts of hard disk space...

I noticed on my pc a few days ago that I was running out of hard disk space despite the fact that I had not installed or saved anything large recently. I tracked the problem back to the folder where I keep the WSPR program.

The problem turned out to be that under the SAVE tag, the option SAVE ALL was selected rather than SAVE NONE. As a result, I had saved 8,300 .wmv audio files @2.3 MB each which took up 21.3 GB!

I'm not sure what the setting is by default when you first run the program? Possibly, I had selected the SAVE ALL when I was inputting my callsign and locator square thinking that I was saving those details?

If you are running the WSPR software for the first time, it might be no harm to check that you have the SAVE NONE option selected before your hard drive fills up ;o)