The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

WOW! Little power goes along way.

Original LDG 4:1 balun used with gutter antenna failed. SWR went to 7:1 and higher. Finally got out to assess and found corrosion on the ground lead of the balun. Dug out another LDG unit that was a 4:1 UNUN and it worked great. SWR of 1.06 across the 17M band. Running 100mW.

Just set up the my new TAPR board on a Pi 3B+. First try, i'm using the MFJ 20M telescoping antenna with no counter poise. .200 W AZ to HI isn't bad.

Some ScreenShots: Map DX Distance Stations

73, lu7abf, Pedro

This Blog if for comments, suggestions and requirements for:

An application to Map, Graph and analyze WSPR stations, just enter your station call.

Hope is useful to WSPR community.

73, LU7ABF, Pedro

I am able to sign in to WHISPER.

How do I send a signal report to WHISPER ; in order that I can find my report on the WHISPER site?


651-690-5480 Land - No text

651-399-2017 Cell

Despite having extensively used computers since 1982 I find the combination of computers, software and radios to be intimidating.

I'm forging ahead but it's slow progress. Probable cause is the wide variety of opportunities and limited time. Another aspect is not spending enough time with one system until I master it.

Wish me luck.


built a new wspr 10 transmitter

post if you can here it.

73 Niece/KA1ULN

Hi Guys,

Now have Ultimate3s running aboard our sailboat Gabrielle.

Output is standard single transistor output of 100-300mW with antenna being ~15m long-wire suspended from the mast with no ATU or tuning.

Running in extended WSPR mode to improve accuracy of vessel position.

Operating 80, 60, 40, 30 & 20m.

73, Ian.

Today my WSPR transmitter from Zacktek arrived and it took 10 min to be on air with it.
I was really surprised how many stations could hear me within the first minutes, even on 15m.
The station will be running on my yagi antenna 24/7.

73 de Roland, DF3LZ

To test the theory that some duplicated bad decodes are the result of multiple strong stations being received, I looked in the wspr database for VK3 transmitters on 2m over the past month.

I found 29 VK3 callsigns that were hybrid decodes (3 different stations transmitting, resulting in 4 different decodes).

I ran 4 instances of wsjt-x - one as a receiver and
the other 3 as transmitters (through virtual audio cable). The transmitters were at 1480Hz, 1500Hz, and 1520Hz - this created several signals across the entire waterfall every 20Hz.

It has (coincidentally) been a year and a week to the day since I joined wspr, and I found this blog button.

I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed tinkering with, and learning from wspr as I have built and tested many wire antennas over the past year.

Cheers to wspr!


Just went on WSPR with my TX-500 for the first time. Using Digirig sound card that I just received and Chameleon vertical at 13 feet. QTH: FM17ta, southeast Virginia.

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas WSPR outing for the QCX+ on top band was fun. I will be downloading the DB to analyse the signals, but so far so good. I can see drift as I'm not locked to GPS yet but results overall very good.

I'm currently static maritime mobile near Goole Docks UK. (IO93) just off the tidal rivers Ouse and Humber, which leads out to the North Sea. I don't think there is much salt water in the marina as it's behind Ocean Lock and a little inland by about a mile on a freshwater river.