The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

I finally found time to connect my rig to WSPR. Not ideal as I am using a 3 el. directional antenna will use my Challenger DX sometimes in future for testing more.

Finally got the personal blog up and running @

I hope to make lots of informational videos over the coming months on WSPR, how to get started, and some common issues that I ran into getting up & running.

I've found WSPR to be a great alternative to use when I'm just so busy I don't have any desk time w/ the radio.

Want to thank all the operators out there who continue to make WSPR better everyday!


Set up my IC7300 today on WSPR with HRD.

Happy days. :)

Today, running a home made loop 1 meter across on 40 Meters. Tuned close and final tuning with ant. tuner.

Logged a station on 10Mhz WSPR this morning - Callsign P98WAR (N. Korea) from Antarctica !!! This must be a spoof surely!
Eric (G4IRG)

It is necessary to install the icom usb drivers onto your PC. Go to Down near the bottom you will find for the IC-7300 the "USB Driver v1.20". Download and install this and then re-boot your PC. When this is done you can open Device manager and look for a Com Port called "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART bridge". Take note of the com port Number....This is the port that you will use for Rig control and PTT if desired.

Hello everyone.
Today I published a new Quick Start Guide for the WSPR Beacon app for Android, and the Yaesu Ft-817ND. It also includes information on setting up the Wolphilink interface. So many people have been having trouble with the WSPR Beacon app on Android so I thought it was time to publish a quick start guide.

SurvivalTech Nord

The KP4MD/P WSPR Operation (FK68xk) Carolina, Puerto Rico, 120m from the north shore of the island.
Radio: Elecraft KX3, 5 watts on 15, 17, 20, 30 and 40m.
Antenna: Buddistick monopole at 24m above ground with line of sight over the Atlantic Ocean.
Final Tally: KP4MD/P spotted 317 unique stations. 5988 total spot reports by KP4MD/P.
450 unique stations spotted KP4MD/P. 18784 total spot reports of KP4MD/P.
Thanks to all who participated. 73, Carol KP4MD/P

Currently running on 150mW with a raspberry and only one wire as an antenna...
IU5HES '73 michele

I normally calibrate the receive frequency of my RTL-SDR receiver against the local VK5VF (GPS locked) beacons but these appear to be offline at the moment. I'm unlikely to be receiving on the correct frequency for the time being :(

Nice event this night(July07): running 10w and then 5w, the S79V dxped has been heard in Europe between 22:16 and 23:10 by 11 stations on 160m wspr:

Thanks to team member Martin (A65DC) who planned this opportunity.

73, Patrick

Hi all

After 20 days flight, Dave VE3KCL's QRP Labs Balloon S11 has completed a circumnavigation. See tracking at

Noise floor on 40m was s9 +10. No spots. Decent activity on 20m.

Currently on 40m Grid DO33MT