The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

WSPR-X - 30 Meters - 250 mW

Back on WSPR this morning with WPSR-X. Running 250 mW in to the 30 meter delta loop. I like the interface on WPSR-X. Being a JT65A/JT9 operator, WSPR-X provides a very familiar interface.

WSPR-15 has spark my interest. Anyone using WSPR-15 on 160 meters? Or are there a few daring souls out there who will give it a go in HF?

104spots on 6m today

We have had a heavy (record high about 70cm) snow this morning,
but condition on 6m was very good.
I've got 104spots from 14stations in VK.
Condition lasted incredible over 5hours.
Is this propagation only TEP? 
I can't see the Es layer over Australian continent.


VK1KF heard

Heard VK1KF at 2146 UTC (02/09/2014)... Amazing! Don't hear many VK's at
this location! Pretty good mileage for 5 watts!

Will be visiting my daughter in Townsville, Queensland in June - looking
forward to the trip!


Oh, Dear: Whispering is so much fun ...

In the last days I was dropping my power from 200 mW (QRO) to 100 mW to 50 mW to 10 mW and to 1 mW. And my score km/Watt was continuously rising. When I wanted to shut down the station (my Ultimate3) from Hans Summers another OM said: "Why don't you turn down the power even lower?" I answered: "I could not code it in my report. The bottom line is 0 dB."

What the hack: I switched with my the step attenuator another 3 dBm and had now 26 dBm that's 0.5 mW.

It took a while, but then I got a report and it was over 912.000 km per Watt.

Not bad for a starter ;-)


First DX night in 474khz

Since the beginning of the winter I'm mostly focused on 160m. With the arrival of my TS590 I wanted to verify its ability on MF instead of my Drake.
That first night of this winter was a success with 47 rx dx spots for 5 unique NA calls:
2014-02-08 03:32 WG2XIQ 0.475666 -28 0 EM12mp 1 F59706 JN07th 7991
2014-02-08 01:06 WG2XJM 0.475750 -26 0 EN91wr 5 F59706 JN07th 6206
2014-02-07 23:16 WG2XKA 0.475723 -27 0 FN33ir 1 F59706 JN07th 5619
2014-02-08 01:56 WE3XGR 0.475786 -29 0 FN42ch 20 F59706 JN07th 5600
2014-02-08 03:36 WG2XPJ 0.475682 -28 0 FN34lp 1 F59706 JN07th 5549

Success was shared with 11 others EU stations: G3XKR, DL-SWL, DL4YHF, PI4THT, F4DTL, PA3ABK/2, PE1RKT, F4HBT, F4DZQ, G3XBM, EI0CF.

Thanks to all, 73

OpenSource Standalone WSPR beacon in CQ Magazine


In CQ Magazine current issue, you can find an article I wrote about my WSPR DDS beacon.
It uses cheap parts (MSP430, AD9850 DDS, optional LCD) and does not require GPS with good accuracy "out of the box".
All materials, schematic and source code (GPL license) are provided freely.
This is the beacon I currently use on 80m.

Yan - XV4Y.

Whispering Over 14.000 Km with 200 mW

I t took me a while to get the Ultimate 3 from Hans Summer going. It was of course my fault, for I didn't RTFM.

And I played around with a variable resistor and destroyed settings which Hans had already done. And it was an important setting the wave form coming from the DDS. But with my new scope it was easy to restore this setting and the TRX began to work. But there was another hurdle: It is so tiny and there are a lot of cables coming out of the rig.

Continuing story:

New standalone MEPT project

Running new WSPR project based on STM32 Discovery board.
Initially it was an attempt to use this nice board and it's integrated ADC as fully self contained DDC-like SDR receiver of 60 khz WWVB signal using new phase modulation mode.
After successful completion it was a question of time how to convert it into standalone WSPR (and QRSS) beacon.

73! Igor AK4T

16928 km on 40 m with 10 mW

2014-01-30 20:04 F5MWW 7.040132 -29 0 JN25px 0.01 VK7BO QE38mo 16928 94

My antenna is a 2 elts vertical phased array.

73's de F5MWW

29-Jan-2014 first WSPR try on Top Band - N1NAZ decoded

I had several decodes in the early hours today from N1NAZ. This was the best SNR:

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2014-01-29 02:20 N1NAZ 1.838099 -21 0 FN42gu 5 G3YJR IO93fj 5102 51

I was using a 40m delta loop at about 10m high for the main horizontal(ish) section.


My 160m goal is reached !!

The goal of my 160m season is already reached. After the latest night, my 160m Challenge of reception include 29 unique callsigns of North American stations. I finished the previous season with a count of 27. So I hope now to "blow up" this score because the period is not over.

I have a great pleasure to publish this list with the power to show the qrp spirit of all the station i heard.

up to january 28- 2014- NA listing - Call (pwr): VA3MW(1w), W1FVB(0.5w), WB5WPA(5w), VE3SWS(5w), K4RCG(5w), K9PAW(1w), K9YWO(1w), KE7A(5w), KU4XR(5w), W8AC(5w), K5DNL(5w), W3PM(5w), N2NOM(5w), N0NCO(5w), W1CK(1w), N1NCO(5w), VA3XH(5w), VA3SK(2w), KC2STA(5w), WD4ELG(5w), W3TMB(5w), KA1SX(5w), W9HAK(5w), K3PGP(1w), W3ZUP(10w), N9XG(2w), W5CGC(10w), KD2MX(5w), N1NAZ(?).

Many thanks to all, 73 -Patrick

10m testing new antenna design Friday 31-01-2014 am

I am running tests between two antennas in the garden Friday morning on 10m (28.1246MHz), between 10:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC. Would appreciate some spots out there if anyone is game. Assuming 10m is workable that is.

My first VK spot using my 'free' 1m magloop.

My first VK spot using a 1metre dia magloop made from junkbox bits (heavy copper wire, no tubes) at no cost at all!
2014-01-26 10:08 G4APB 28.126024 -26 1 JO01cl 5 VK3OER QF23db 16773 74

Made it to VK on 40m!

OMG, amazing what a bit of 'wet string' and 100mW can do:

2014-01-24 19:36 S55CX 7.040180 -28 0 JN76 0.1 VK2WD QF55 16122 86

Many thanks to VK2WD for the report - still can't believe it!


Finally! VK2KRR (Leigh) in my 160m log

Since September 2013 start date of my new season on 160m WSPR I was happy to know that Leigh (VK2KRR) came back to the 160m. I was a little impatient to spot again Leigh . The last time was on 25/04/2012 .....
Well last night, as we say in French "J'ai remis le couvert" (I've done it again) :

2014-01-21 19:24 VK2KRR 1.838101 -25 0 20 QF34mr JN07th F59706 16864 306

It's really fun because we are really few(5 stations I think) in Europe to have yet decoded his signal.
I am grateful to Leigh for its regular presence as well Derek (VK6DZ) (not yet in my log).
See you again Leigh,..

73, Patrick

23cm WSPR not displayed on the Spot Database

Today, we tested 23cm 2-way WSPR. Our callsign was displayed on Activity list and Map.
But T/R data was not displayed on the Spot Database.

Data from JA1KWV
1132 9 -0.7 1296.501458 JH1GYE 0 PM96 37
1138 10 -0.8 1296.501463 JH1GYE -2 PM96 37
1144 7 -0.8 1296.501458 JH1GYE 0 PM96 37
1148 3 -0.7 1296.501466 JH1GYE 1 PM96 37
1152 7 -0.7 1296.501471 JH1GYE 2 PM96 37
1202 7 -0.8 1296.501471 JH1GYE 1 PM96 37
1210 8 -0.8 1296.501483 JH1GYE 2 PM96 37
1232 7 -0.1 1296.501444 JH1GYE 1 PM96 37

Data from JH1GYE
1142 12 -0.5 1296.501544 1 JA1KWV PM95 40
1150 9 -0.7 1296.501534 0 PM95TR 40
1200 11 -0.5 1296.501531 2 JA1KWV PM95 40
1208 10 -0.6 1296.501522 -1 PM95TR 40


Rambling thoughts....

Been out of the Ham Radio loop for many years and just beginning to get myself back in. Have been working on servicing my old kit (HW101 and Icom IC202) to get them up and running again. So far so good. Only problem is the VFO drift is way too high - so am looking at adding a stabaliser to the HW101 at least. First job is to build a simple frequency counter (thanks to EI9GQ).

So the only activity at the moment is a Raspberry Pi with homebrew amp and LPF running as a beacon on 40m. Antenna is the proverbial bit of wet string, so not that impressive so far. With the VFO drift issues on the rigs - reception is not feasible on WSPR, so sorry, no reports.

But onwards and upwards ....


2m WSPR in JA

Tonight, I've worked 2m WSPR with JA1KWV in Tokyo.

2014-01-20 13:26 JA1KWV 144.490537 -4 -2 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:24 JA1KWV 144.490540 -4 -1 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:18 JA1KWV 144.490541 -2 0 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:14 JA1KWV 144.490541 -2 1 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:04 JA1KWV 144.490546 -5 -1 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:02 JH1GYE 144.489454 -13 1 PM96mi 5 JA1KWV PM95tr 87 143
2014-01-20 13:00 JA1KWV 144.490550 -3 -1 PM95 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 98 4
2014-01-20 12:52 JA1KWV 144.490557 -8 0 PM95 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 98 4


160m on Wellbrook 1530 loop and Anan100D SDR

Tonight I will be monitoring 160m with a Wellbrook magnetic RX loop fed into my Anan100D. Hope for good spots.

WSPRNET downtime early Saturday

I plan to try to move the WSPRnet server to a hosting provider early Saturday UTC, probably 0200-0400Z. Downtime should last about an hour, but I'm not sure of the timing yet. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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