The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

23cm WSPR not displayed on the Spot Database

Today, we tested 23cm 2-way WSPR. Our callsign was displayed on Activity list and Map.
But T/R data was not displayed on the Spot Database.

Data from JA1KWV
1132 9 -0.7 1296.501458 JH1GYE 0 PM96 37
1138 10 -0.8 1296.501463 JH1GYE -2 PM96 37
1144 7 -0.8 1296.501458 JH1GYE 0 PM96 37
1148 3 -0.7 1296.501466 JH1GYE 1 PM96 37
1152 7 -0.7 1296.501471 JH1GYE 2 PM96 37
1202 7 -0.8 1296.501471 JH1GYE 1 PM96 37
1210 8 -0.8 1296.501483 JH1GYE 2 PM96 37
1232 7 -0.1 1296.501444 JH1GYE 1 PM96 37

Data from JH1GYE
1142 12 -0.5 1296.501544 1 JA1KWV PM95 40
1150 9 -0.7 1296.501534 0 PM95TR 40
1200 11 -0.5 1296.501531 2 JA1KWV PM95 40
1208 10 -0.6 1296.501522 -1 PM95TR 40


Rambling thoughts....

Been out of the Ham Radio loop for many years and just beginning to get myself back in. Have been working on servicing my old kit (HW101 and Icom IC202) to get them up and running again. So far so good. Only problem is the VFO drift is way too high - so am looking at adding a stabaliser to the HW101 at least. First job is to build a simple frequency counter (thanks to EI9GQ).

So the only activity at the moment is a Raspberry Pi with homebrew amp and LPF running as a beacon on 40m. Antenna is the proverbial bit of wet string, so not that impressive so far. With the VFO drift issues on the rigs - reception is not feasible on WSPR, so sorry, no reports.

But onwards and upwards ....


2m WSPR in JA

Tonight, I've worked 2m WSPR with JA1KWV in Tokyo.

2014-01-20 13:26 JA1KWV 144.490537 -4 -2 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:24 JA1KWV 144.490540 -4 -1 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:18 JA1KWV 144.490541 -2 0 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:14 JA1KWV 144.490541 -2 1 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:04 JA1KWV 144.490546 -5 -1 PM95tr 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 87 323
2014-01-20 13:02 JH1GYE 144.489454 -13 1 PM96mi 5 JA1KWV PM95tr 87 143
2014-01-20 13:00 JA1KWV 144.490550 -3 -1 PM95 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 98 4
2014-01-20 12:52 JA1KWV 144.490557 -8 0 PM95 20 JH1GYE PM96mi 98 4


160m on Wellbrook 1530 loop and Anan100D SDR

Tonight I will be monitoring 160m with a Wellbrook magnetic RX loop fed into my Anan100D. Hope for good spots.

WSPRNET downtime early Saturday

I plan to try to move the WSPRnet server to a hosting provider early Saturday UTC, probably 0200-0400Z. Downtime should last about an hour, but I'm not sure of the timing yet. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

big measurement experiment is now started.

15 januari 2014
To day i started my big measuring program to get a statistical
feeling about conditions on 80 m. over 240 Km. distance.
A 10 Watt transmitter is running now with a 40m. endfed longwire at
about 6 meter above ground (West-East orientation)
This rig will operate for a few weeks without any changes.
My receiving station is located in Breda with call: PA0JEN
This station also will not change.
PA0JEN has a high level of local noise in an urban location.

10mW on 30m with an attic dipole from Sussex, England

Just thought I'd write up a quick note about my station. I built it up over christmas, it was a great excuse to get the iron out and remind myself how to solder again.

I'm running a Raspberry Pi with JamesP6000's fork of the WsprryPi project, which is a credit to all concerned. James has added some useful options to the software which makes keeping it on a stable frequency quite simple.

This is connected up to a low pass filter for 30m and finally a simple 1:1 balun which I built following ea4eoz's writeup.

This is all contained in an old cigar box(!), which is then connected to a dipole cut for the 30m WSPR frequency. The dipole is just cheap speaker wire and this is strung up in my attic.

It's been running for about a week so far, with my distance record being just over 1000km so far - not bad for 10mW and a less than ideal antenna arrangement.

I'm currently only running on 30m but when time allows I will probably add another filter and antenna to the setup and see how I get on.

I was first licensed twenty years ago (and previous to that was an SWL for a number of years) and have had some time away from the hobby, so this is my first time back on the air for well over a decade.

The whole field of weak signal propagation is fascinating and this project has sparked my enthusiasm for data modes so I am gradually building my shack up and will explore further some of the technologies which have emerged over the past few years, such as psk31 and weak signal modes. I might even dip my toes into QRSS.

17 Meters - RX/TX - 1W

I have the Flex set up to beacon WSPR on 17 meters. Output power is 1 watt. The antenna for transmit is the 30 meter delta loop. For RX, both the 30 and 40 meter delta loops are used in diversity to the two receivers on the Flex.

ULTIMATE 2 Beacon QRSS on 20 meters band active in the coordinates JN72CK Italy IK6ZEW !

On the frequency of the 20 meters 14.097.08 and 'active 24 hours on 24, my beacon in qrsss way. The antenna is a dipole positioned east / west, and the power 'of about 20 db. More info and updates visit QRZ.COM IK6ZEW looking for.
73' to ALL !!!

My blog.

Testing lower power

I usually use WSPR with 5W out, but tonight I plan to leave it on with just 500mW or so, to see hot it turns out. 7MHz band, 41m long OCFD.

Back on after long Layoff

Finally back on using Elecraft K3 (5w) into a loaded whip antenna at 13m (for 160m).

How does a bad spot get removed?

Hi there is a spot that has its year set to be 2030 that always sits at the top of the 50MHz band listings, does anyone know how to get it purged?

2030-12-31 09:06 ON4GP 50.294492 -27 -1 JO20el 0.5 G4IKZ JO02af 358 305

Peter, vk5pj

Outstanding conditions on 15 meters again, skewed path with hex pointed 180 degrees away from EU

100 mW/20 dBm

2013-12-31 15:26 WD4ELG 21.096159 -26 0 FM06be 0.1 DK6UG JN49cm 6915 47
2013-12-31 15:26 WD4ELG 21.096103 -18 -1 FM06be 0.1 EA3NE JN11an 6842 57
2013-12-31 15:26 WD4ELG 21.096192 -23 1 FM06be 0.1 G6WZA IO80mv 6117 49
2013-12-31 14:14 WD4ELG 21.096140 -17 0 FM06be 0.1 HB9TMW JN36gq 6932 51
2013-12-31 14:02 WD4ELG 21.096174 -28 0 FM06be 0.1 IK1ZVJ JN44vc 7286 52
2013-12-31 14:02 WD4ELG 21.096155 -27 0 FM06be 0.1 LX3KR JN39ft 6786 47

40 mtr vertical

My latest aerial has been a vertical for 40 mtrs .
This 33 ft long with 30 radials laid on the ground not buried and a 5 ft copper ground rod. The vertical is mounted 2 feet off the ground.
Performance on WSPR has been very good with reports from VK & N2 4X and ZR.
No loading or tuning required and the SWR is 1.7.1 and the resistance is 37 ohms so it looks about right.


Tell N9WKW he's reporting on the wrong band!

CAT Control For Kenwood TS-590S

I use a Kenwood TS-590S and don't see it in the WSPR v2.0 r1714 software CAT menu. Does anyone know if the Kenwood TS-2000? CAT selection will work?

christmas wspr 30 dbm on 40 meters with 82 cm magnetic loop

2013-12-26 13:52 PC1CP 7.040114 -12 0 JO33jd 1 OZ7IT JO65df 426 55
2013-12-26 13:52 PC1CP 7.040117 -11 0 JO33jd 1 DK6UG JN49cm 415 166
2013-12-26 13:52 PC1CP 7.040114 -11 0 JO33jd 1 G4IKZ JO02af 466 260
2013-12-26 13:52 PC1CP 7.040122 -14 0 JO33jd 1 M0PPP IO93gm 549 278
2013-12-26 13:44 PC1CP 7.040116 -1 0 JO33jd 1 PI4THT JO32kf 102 177


Merry Christmas All.Thanks...

Request to Santa Claus

My daughters tell me that I was very nice throughout the year. So my request to Santa Claus is simple, I want to spot Leigh (VK2KRR) in 160m soon ... HI!!! I do not know but this season it does not happen ...
Merry Christmas to all,

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