The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Hello all,

I want to inform you we will be sailing the Turkish waters & Greek waters (using SV5/) between the harbour of 'Datca' & Greek island of Symi using QRP-Labs Ultimate U3S with 200 ~ 300 mW & 2x EndFed slooper wire antennas for 40/20/10M & 30/17/12M! Also phone operations depending on conditions (mostly 20M & 17M :-) !) See for TA4/PH2M (SV5/PH2M) & TA4/PA3GUV (SV5/PA3GUV) information!

I ported my previous project to RTL-SDR devices.
Now you can use an RTL dongle with a Raspberry Pi, and you no longer need to dedicate your radio and your computer to run the classic WSPR client (this project is primary designed for VHF/UHF bands).

Guenael, VA2GKA

I have been using NMEA Time, D4 and Meinberg for many years. Starting 6/5/2016, my main computer all of a sudden stopped syncing time with all of them, even Windows Time sync won't work. My alternate computer is set up the same and started to show the same effects on 6/10/2016. Both running W7 64 bit and no know viruses. No new program installs or updates since the end of May.

Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue and how you resolved it, it you did. Kind of hard to get my WSPR station back on the air until I do resolve the pesky issue.

Tnx de N3EDS

I would like to introduce the new WSPRnet Admin team of volunteers to help me maintain this site and it's user accounts:

Corrie M0XDK
Erwin PE3ES
Johnny K5ACL
Gary W1GJM

I do keep a blog:

My good friend Jan PA3GUV is now 'QRV' with Extended-WSPR from southwestern Turkey as TA4/PA3GUV from KM46HU, using a QRP-Labs Ultimate3S + 3-band EndFed wire antenna on 40, 20 & 10M WSPR-TX with +/- 200 mW! (Next week (from 12 June) we will be QRV from sailing vessel GanGan using callsigns: TA4/PA3GUV & TA4/PH2M from Turkish waters & SV5/PA3GUV & SV5/PH2M from Greek waters around the Greek Island of Symi!)

I do have a blog that I update now and then .. still have lots to update from Dayton! :-)

73, Dan ve4drk

I'm pleased to announce the first official release of airspy-wsprd:

Guenael, VA2GKA

Raised the north end and center of my all-band (3.5 - 28 MHz) by several meters.
Hope it will contribute to small improvement in daytime signals. Night=time ops
are on the 1.8 - 14 MHz vertical wire.

WSPR Under Threat?

The removal of allocation from VHF has come as no surprise. It may well be the case, as some suggest, that it can continue regardless of band allocations. However if the menus for those bands are removed from WSPRnet then it would become problematic. My view is that pressure will be brought to bear to make this happen.

This entry has been edited, removed unrequired, negative and incorrect information of the emails.

See attached PDF file regarding VHF bandplan changes.

I have taken the time to email RSGB to seek clarification and express my views on the issue. If people need to see the emails, I can send them to you. There is no point really posting them here or arguing about WSPR details. We know what works and what doesn't, so let them think what they like.

Basically there is an issue with the 144.489 dial freq allocation in region 1 which is claimed to cause interference.

It's odd that it's all a bit one way. people hear me rather that me hearing them. Clicking on their callsigns brings up 0%, so I assume they do not transmit anyway. ;-)

The setup:
Raspberry Pi model B
20 meter dipole, 20 feet off the ground, broadside faces north, south.
1:1 current balun
Linux: Jessie, running a CRON script and x11VNC and SSH, since it's headless.
My setup is still working fine. Here, MW0BYS in Wales hears my 20 meter beacon. A slight misconfiguration in my parameter file incorrectly lists my power, it is under a watt.
Since then, France also heard the beacon.
This was a great learning experience for me as I was expanding my Linux capabilities as well.