The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Hi all

After 20 days flight, Dave VE3KCL's QRP Labs Balloon S11 has completed a circumnavigation. See tracking at

Noise floor on 40m was s9 +10. No spots. Decent activity on 20m.

Currently on 40m Grid DO33MT

See the "General" forum page or this Pointer for a summary and sample waterfall/wav file of the June/July 2m WSPR activity across the Pacific. Work is progressing on a 70cm WSPR/JT9/JT65 addition to the existing KH6HME beacon on the Big Island as well.
Glenn n6gn

No waiting, no resting times on 160m during summer. Each night gives opportunities to heard NA stations.
This night (july04) five NA stations have been heard in Europe: K9PAW, K9YWO, W8AC, AA3GZ, N9LYE.
My RX Challenge score is now up to 6 for a new season:
A friendly greeting to David EA1FAQ as new "big 160 ears" in Europe.

Good luck all, 73, Patrick

Transmission yesterday and today have been on offset dipole up 30 feet. Switched to 3 foot long ferrite loopstick antenna at 18:20Z on Sunday, July 3rd.

Jim - WB4HYY - EM85kj

I just run an experimental setup for next 4hours from now. (until 20:00 UTC)

Conditions here:
- cloudy sky,
- Cha-F in 5m hight on an 3/4 covered balcony (only open in sw direction) and
- running 10W.

Today July 2 2016, PI4KGL is QRV with WSPR TX/RX during our PA6CASTLE event from Teylingen Castle in JO22GF

73 de Frank PH2M

On June 25 I switched K0SWL53 to use the ELAD S2 on the Loop. K0SWL54 is using the AFEDRI with a second broadband vertical located about 50 feet to the west of the vertical used the previous week. The previous vertical was situated close to a noise source that impacted reception on 40 meters.

So far it seems that the ALA 1530LNP wins on bands below 10Mhz while the broadband vertical is better above 10Mhz. I believe that some of the differences are due to the QRM profile on the two antennas. The HF rolloff of the loop seems to be a feature of the antenna.

Just put a 17m dipole in my loft, replacing one for 10M. Not much on the band so giving WSPR a try, looking good so far.

Hallo allemaal,

Er zijn al maanden diverse Nederlandse stations met WSPR-TX actief buiten de voor Nederland beschikbare frequentie segment tussen 5.350 ~ 5.450 MHz. !!!
Ik wil iedereen die dit aangaat oproepen om zich aan de regels te houden en met onmiddellijke ingang QSY te gaan naar de nieuwe 'dial'frequentie 5.3662 (voorgesteld door Wilco PE1MPX)
Zie ook &

Today 60 meter tx on 5.366200 MHz dial.

New IARU R1 HF bandplan:
5351.5 kHz - 5354.0 kHz max. B= 200 Hz. CW / narrow band modes
5354.0 kHz - 5366.0 kHz max. B= 2700 Hz. All modes, USB recommended for voice operation
5366.0 kHz - 5366.5 kHz max. B= 20 Hz. Weak signal narrow band modes

I know 5.366200 MHz dial is not within this bandplan, but it is within the current dutch bandplan.
Also see

I received this info from Martin A65DC and member of S79V:
Hi Patrick,
I will go with a few ham friends to the Seychelles and operate as S79V from 1st to 10th of July.
If you feel like you can check out our website for more information about our trip.

We will be running WSPR and other digital stuff on 160m in the nights from there, when the stations are not in use.
Please try to listen for us.

GL all, 73, Patrick

Currently running MFJ-1786 Magloop and Ultimate QRSS 3 indoors at ground level 200mw all on Lipo Batteries

Tonight I put WSPR to use in what seemed like a success. I transmitted on both 30M and 40M at 1 watt to determine the propagation for those bands. 30M was performing much better for me than 40M. I jumped over to JT65 and although 40 is my "go to" (I have a 40M dipole) I trusted what I had just learned from WSPR. Europe looked promising and although I tend to not respond to CQ's from Europe I responded to EU3AA in Belarus. He was working another station but evidently saw me and came back after the previous QSO was complete. Victor, EU3AA is now my personal best thanks to WSPR.