The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

According to WX-forecasts Summer will start tomorrow, so I took a head start
with some antenna construction. The intention is to have two fixed structures
that can be monitored on the same band by two separate receivers. The dual
dipole with anti-phase parallel elements (mentioned in a previous blog) is near
completion, and it will have about 3.5 dBd wideband rx-gain into the opposite
directions broadside to the dipoles. When mounted horizontally it will have zero
response toward the dipole ends as well as toward the zenith, or for signals


Well here I am after moving from the UK to ZL land, I have my antenna up, and surprisingly it works, I have a very old hustler 5btv, about a foot off the ground, surrounded by trees, the nearest being about 10 cms away and running up 80% of the antenna, a palm tree so the leaves get entangled in the antenna, 2m away is an all metal shed (x2) and my house has a metal roof too, being only 4m from the antenna, and being fed with 50m of coax around the edge of the garden, I am surprised I hear anything or anything hears me.

Very cool...half a watt gets me across the continent!

2011-06-01 17:24 VK8TH 50.294504 -22 0 PH57ll 50 PD1JP JO21ev 13564 324

Probably not on 6m ...

Last night I tuned into the WSPR frequency on Top Band.
I was using a 20m length of wire, my antenna is only about 6 metres above the ground and the background noise was a constant S8....... I wasn't expecting to receive much with this set up.....BUT!!
Despite this I managed to receive the following stations:

G4BOO and PA0O.

Really pleased with this as I wasn't expecting any stations considering my meagre antenna.



I thought why not test this WSPR proper....I've decided to give Top band a listen.

I'm only using an endfed antenna with a 9:1 homemade balun attached.

The endfed is going to be 20 metres long.

I will be QRV between 9.00pm and 10.00pm most nights..

I wonder if I'll receive any reports?....fingers crossed

73 Mark

My whole station is solar powered with 22 panels giving about 4 KW max

My first outing on Wisper proved to be very sucssesfull.

On 30m I'm certinatly being heard with about a Watt from the vertical on the back of house, and some stations are evening making it through the horrible QRM I have (I live in the middle of a town!)

Back to 10m for daytime, and see if we can improve on yesterday's SpE results.


Sorry these spots are wrong:

Anyone Reading this, I'm NEW to WSPR and run all Mac's here Except 1 Dedicated AR-Cluster Node machine.
Just Trying new Modes out for OSX.

Hi !

This weekend i transmit with 10 Milliwatt on 20-Meter and try to reach Leigh (VK2KRR) in New South Wales.

Hoping for a few more Sunspots ...

Best Dx so far:

2011-05-14 05:26 DL6KBG 14.097162 -25 0 JO61ub 0.01 KC2MOT FN12fr 6541 301

and a steady copy to:

2011-05-14 10:04 DL6KBG 14.097168 -14 0 JO61ub 0.01 LA3JJ JO59bh 945 348

Have Fun, Oliver


In the last week or so I have been experimenting with WSPR 1.0 on an old Compaq Armada E500 Pentium III 600mhz laptop with 128mb of RAM and Windows 98SE solely in receive mode. Although I thought the processor might struggle, to date it has performed very well. Saying that when there are a few stations to decode it can take 30-45sec after the last 2min transmission segment has ended for it to show any results but it hasn't crashed yet.

Testing WSPR today at 0dBm level = 1 milliWatt = 0.001Watt.
The antenna is a dipole only 7 feet high. This favors NVIS mode for "short skip"!
Please report any receptions!
73's Jan LA3EQ

The strongest report with 1 mW so far is from ON7KO with a whooping -5dB:

2011-05-08 13:40utc LA3EQ 10.140178MHz -5dB JO28xj +0dBm 0.001Watt ON7AN JO20ek 891km / 554miles

I'm testing my home made tak Antenna ;-)

Started up my reverse beacon last week end with Elecraft KX1 TRCVR and PA0RDT mini whip antenna
Very impressive of antenna reception on 30m!
45 unique calls for two day
Timestamp Call MHz SNR Grid Pwr km
2011-05-05 04:56 ON7KO 10.140182 -23 JO21ce 5 1681
2011-05-05 04:28 G0MJI 10.140174 -19 IO83ni 2 2033
2011-05-05 01:24 W3BCW 10.140186 -25 FM19ka 1 7388
2011-05-05 01:24 WB8HWF 10.140127 -28 EN80sc 5 7557
2011-05-05 00:20 W3HH 10.140125 -24 EL89vb 1 8565
2011-05-04 23:42 G0NBD 10.140177 -25 IO83lk 5 2041
2011-05-04 21:06 M0PIK 10.140185 -16 IO91mk 5 1993
2011-05-04 19:54 DC0VD 10.140174 -7 JN39qw 2 1552
2011-05-04 19:06 OK2SAM 10.140199 -26 JN99du 0.5 937
2011-05-04 19:06 SV0XCC 10.140161 -8 KM25ud 5 2277
2011-05-04 19:06 DL2XL 10.140133 -23 JO31ce 0.2 1556
2011-05-04 18:58 DF5FF 10.140238 -5 JO40kd 5 1449
2011-05-04 18:38 DL1CMM 10.140182 +6 JO53gj 10 1189
2011-05-04 18:28 RA3ZSE 10.140136 -1 KO80ws 5 811
2011-05-04 18:10 9A4WY 10.140256 -18 JN75bc 0.01 1544
2011-05-04 17:26 OH6GKW 10.140177 -16 KP13nt 5 971
2011-05-04 17:02 DH3JO 10.140223 -25 JO30lw 0.1 1522
2011-05-04 16:28 MW3DAO 10.140145 -18 IO72xw 5 2122
2011-05-04 16:12 JL1JJD 10.140215 -25 PM95rr 5 7946
2011-05-04 16:00 F6BIA 10.140226 -22 JN18dq 2 1937
2011-05-04 15:44 PA0QRB 10.140174 -28 JO22iv 2 1574
2011-05-04 15:28 LX2GT 10.140268 -17 JN39em 5 1637
2011-05-04 14:48 LA6TPA 10.140144 -29 JP54rl 0.02 1371
2011-05-04 14:22 SM4OJ 10.140189 -10 JP70xg 5 914
2011-05-04 11:22 DD7ZY 10.140251 -25 JO40kc 5 1451
2011-05-04 09:34 F1FZH 10.140187 -28 JN18cx 5 1925
2011-05-04 09:08 LA1BFA 10.140164 -11 JP53ej 5 1344

Well yesterday was very exciting on the VHF WSPR as many stations where active and many reports seen, some good distances where seen also, interesting that some stations seem to hear stations but not being heard themselves. I have rotated my yagi and I am now running vertical. This should make a difference but like all things, who knows, my QTH has one good direction for VHF and thats out to PA over the North Sea and yet my signal is being heard to the West and the South, all very interesting for me.

Back again with 50mW. Antenna (long wire) orientation has been changed slightly. Will see if this makes any difference!

Also - I just spotted K1JT...

in direction of IZ4PSG..