The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

JA1KWV in Tokyo may be on the air tonight(3/14 around 2000 to 2100JST).
Please spot him.


WSPR right
So how about 40.670 MHZ band
Allowed 1 watt eirp with no licence, needed so it should be easy.
Q is?
What frequency should we use?


Only 2 JAs logged.


5 watts to 50 watts

By decision 2013-1515, issued to day 2014 march 12th in the French "Journal Officiel", all amators in France may now transmit on the MF band 472 - 479 kHz.

73 de Andy F6CNI.

The activity on 160m is always consistent from one week in particular on the period from 05:00z to sunrise. I spotted this night a new entry (W8CT). The 34th NA stations in my list.
As noted by Jim (WB5WPA) new stations come on 160m. In this respect, I welcome Jim (VE1RBR) for its recent arrival on 160m. In a few weeks he has already spotted all major European stations and even Leigh (VK2KRR). Good job, really FB station!!!
73 - Patrick

2014-03-09 05:48 RV3APM 14.097141 -23 0 KO85ru +30 0.501 WA8PGE EM89ov 7973 4954
2014-03-09 05:48 RV3APM 14.097109 -26 -1 KO85ru +30 0.501 GM4SFW IO77sn 2524 1568
2014-03-09 05:48 RV3APM 14.097132 -20 0 KO85ru +30 0.501 OE6PWD JN77rb 1799 1118

And 5W on 17m

Last night session on 2m WSPR was as follows.

Conditions on 6m are very good these days.
So, I’m going to test 2m WSPR directing VK tomorrow. (March 8th around 3:00 to 6:00z) And possibly next day. (March 9th)
Please watch and try to spot me. At the same time, I will be running 6m WSPR too.
Antenna direction is south. Power and frequency are +40dBm and 144.490530MHz respectively. Japanese stations are also welcome.


Since i have chosen the SI570 for local oscillator in mcHF i was wondering how good my implementation of the comm routines really is. After spending long time of tracking a bug with setting some specific frequencies I have found that the chip has internal mechanism that cause it to revert to factory startup frequency if error occurs in the frequency setup routine.

That night a highway was opened between Dan and Europe on 160m. A continuous signal throughout a night is rare.
Between 00:12z and 06:42z, I spotted KC2STA 47 times without missing period.
This is an opportunity to draw a graph to highlight the gray line near my sunrise (06:27z).

An hour before SR SNR was -22,
30mns before SR SNR is -11 or +11 db of gain!!
At SR SNR is still -14 to collapse then in few minutes (06:42z).

Dan was spotted by six other European stations: OZ7IT, SM6WZI, PA0O, CT1JTQ, G8JNJ/A, G3ZJG.

I'm running a Dell 600 laptop into the FT-817 and the antenna is a low mounted temporary 40m dipole.
I left the power out level of my FT-817 at full during the activity session from about 0600z to about 0920z today. So the given power of 0.05 is rather inaccurate, and certainly not magic!
Still it is nice with spots in NA and two from VK land.
I set the output level down at about 0920, and will connect up the U3 again later today, on 30m.
Peter, LBOK / LA7ZMA

I'll test 2m WSPR today.(March 2nd around 3:00 to 6:00z)
Please watch and give me reports.
Antenna direction is south.Power is +40dBm and frequency is 144.490530MHz.


I'll test 2m WSPR tomorrow.(March 1st around 3:00 to 6:00z)
Please watch and give me reports.
Antenna direction is south.Power is +40dBm and frequency is 144.490530MHz.


Sorry, canceled due to the rain.
I can't mount fixed preamplifier to the tower.


Hello all,

The last 2 weeks I was working on my Ultimate3 QRSS kit and have to say : I love it.
It's up and running on 10, 20 and 40m and the relay board is doing a fine job.
The thrill of building it, getting the GPS working and you're first DX report . . . price less.

On my homepage I devoted a entire page to the building of my Ultimate 3 with info and photo's.

Check out :

Moved over to 10 meters this afternoon. Feeding the 40 delta loop. Hopefully, I will not get arrested.