The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

VK2XN/5000 = Flex 5000 into a double size G5RV inverted V, apex at 20' sloping to 5" above ground at ends.

VK2XN/1500 = Flex 1500 into a 3 element tri band yagi 5' above ground.

Both radios running on 10 metres for now.

Almost every time there are 2 received signals with less than 3Hz separation the radios will decode one each.

The things one does on a rainy day.....73


I do not think that anybody has sent fake reports. More probable is that F1FZH received your signals on any of your allowed bands, but forgot to set the band in his own WSPR Software and left it to the default 10.1 MHz. That happens even to me sometimes.
73, Karl DK5EC


I just noticed that there is some activity reported for my callsign on 30m ; since I'm not allowed to transmit on 30m (only 10m, 20m, 40m, 2m and 70cm) and I've only been running WSPR on 10m and 20m this morning I suspect someone has setup my callsign in his/her WSPR software.

If you are running WSPR on 30m could you please check what you've set up in your parameters?

These are the fake reports:


after my PA0RDT died (RIP) I put the 12m wire with DIY unun on my good ole Yaesu FRG-100. With this piece of wire I got a new record of distance:

2011-10-04 09:52 VK0TH 14.097089 -20 0 QD95lm 5 DE8MSH JO43kb 18058 278

I'm happy about it. Happy about this, too:

2011-10-04 09:52 WA2YUN 14.097129 -26 0 RK39hh 5 DE8MSH JO43kb 11687 346

It' a new WPX for me :) Yiiieeehaaahhh... WSPR rulez again!

Short video I created from WSPR map screenshots of 24 hours of recent 10m activity. (10/02/11 14:00UTC-10/03/11 14:00UTC). Interesting to see propagation conditions change and how paths open and close between continents.

I also placed a link the the video on the WSPR Facebook page:

With my IC7600 i changed the bandwith now to 1 khz at 19.30z

Can any one tell me why these stations frq's are not the same as the one posted
in the activity window?
1916 -10 0.3 14.097117 3 G4CWX IO81 30
1916 -14 -1.7 14.097083 1 G6LTT IO91 37
1916 3 -1.8 14.097073 1 LA3LJA JP53 33
i have noticed as i go up frq's so does the the gap?????.
73 John

Just an update on the server problems at After trying several different kernels from our virtual machine hosting provider, I believe we finally have one which does not suffer from the frequent crashing problems which plagued this site for the last several months. I hope I'm not jinxing it by announcing it, but the site has now been up for 11 days, and the previous record for the prior month was 3 days. Thank you all for your patience!

2011-09-28 11:30 G4IKZ 28.126054 +2 0 JO02af 5 PA7EY JO22jj 323 85
2011-09-28 11:30 OH3MHA 28.126146 -15 0 KP20xw 5 PA7EY JO22jj 1593 243

Settings were ok, in WSPR as well as on the TRX (double checked). Restart of wspr solved the issue. Lesson learned...

Finally back on air - earthquakes and other events have been the main cause for not operating. Still waiting for my poweramp for the FT817 so I can run at a full 5 watts again.

i will be running wspr for the next 12 hours on the 10 meter band ft-897d radio and on a 6 meter square loop i made out of 1/2 inch copper tube.
it works well on several transmit is set to 300 mw. i turn the alc down with the tx conlrol on my signalink usb
73's de kx1h

During the recent shack reorganise I dug out my old Icom IC-703 and SignaLink USB and after some adventures put my WSPR system back on the air. I'm lurking in my old spot on 80m and seeing if the magic still works. ^_^

I have created an Arduino Uno version of the Arduino Mega/DDS-60 project. This project retains many of the Mega features but uses less hardware. What may be of particular interest to QRSS users is the option to select 1 of 12 different graphical patterns to append to the ID.

The Mega project was also updated to include individual WSPR power allocations to each band/timeslot and 12 QRSS graphical patterns.

The projects are located at


Gene W3PM

Last night I connected a TS-450s and a SoftRock in parallel to the same 40/80m dipole and set them to listen on 40m all night. Two instances of WSPR were running on the same machine. The SoftRock used IQ Mode with a M-Audio 1010lt sampling at 24-bit 96kHz with spots reported as K7UEB (the club station call). The TS-450s used a $10 USB sound card with spots reported as KF7O (my call). The TS-450s performed noticeably better:

219 vs 114 spots of stations farther than 3000km
137 vs 53 spots of stations farther than 4000km
SNR were from 1 to 8 better for the TS-450s

My apologies: My transmissions from 07:08 to 07:50 Z on 21 Sept 2011 were at a power level of 0.5W (27db), not 0.1w (20 db).


A short YouTube video of me in my shack making an introduction

If you have I/Q working please share your setup. I have failed to get VAC to pass audio to WSPR.

Today with success had two QSO's
7039 kHz GP 800 mW WSJT 7.0
Picture attached
73! Serge RV3APM

I have recently completed a WSPR/QRSS beacon project using an Arduino Mega and DDS-60 signal source.