The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Hi All, just wanted to share some details on my setup - it's based on Guido's PE1NNZ and Dan's nice WsprryPi project:

I am using a Raspberry Pi Model A with a 40m band pass filter from
connected to a vertical end-fed 31' wire via a 4:1 unun. It's running 24x7 on 40m with 4 minute pauses after every 2 minute transmission.

Welcome to new member Bill KK4INP/ARC NR4DL, operating from USCGC Ingham (museum ship) Key West, FL.

Welcome aboard!!

Hi Reporter,
i wrote a little tool to show your wspr spots from Downloads
into DX Atlas included the sun position

73 de Schalli, DC5BN

I thought that perhaps those who see me logging their signals might like to know more about the setup at my QTH.

Right now I maintain two receivers in continuous operation. My personal interest is in NDB Dxing so the MF band comes closest. On MF I have a selective level meter (Anritsu ML422C) driving two WSPR programs. One is listening in standard WSPR mode and the other in WSPR-X. The WSPR spots are logged as K0SWL53 and the WSPR-X spots as K0SWL53L. So far, no spots on WSPR-X and only two unique on WSPR.

I’ll transmit 2m WSPR beaming to south on Saturday. Frequency is 144.490530MHz. Equipment here is FT-736M (Typ5W Max25W, GPS PLL) and 8element beam. Scheduling is possible. Please give me an e-mail. (Call

Last year, when I started experimenting with WSPR, I was running 5w from a Genesis G40 kit built SDR transceiver. Regular reports were received from around the world from my estimated 4W at the feed point of a home-brewed 1/4wl vertical. This figure is based on an assumption that the ATU impedance matching will account for 20% of the power from the radio.

Daily reports were received from East coast USA stations and VK7 was about a 70% certainty with grey line propagation.

Thanks for the answers, I point out this problem I found if I use the tx / rx of the Icom IC-781, the CAT is positioned properly on com2, but when changing band, generates an error .My work the interface as a microHAM - MK2, provided it is used with other programs like HRD and works correctly in all ways.


73 de IZ1OQB Mr. PINO

On 6m WSPR, from Japan is it difficult to see the signal of VK stations except living northern part of VK? We can see VK4TVL's signal everyday at very high level. But we can’t see anyone else. Activity in VK seems to be high. So,I want to know the reason. Is it a geographical problem?

As of April 15, 2013 any propagation data generated by my station reflect the results of my antenna experiments involving elevated counterpoises.

If anyone can give me step by step instructions on setting up two instances of WSPR under Linux
I'd greatly appreciate it I have both Signalink USB sound devices and CAT control working for both rigs.

Now I need to set it up so I have two /.wspr directories in my /home directory somehow and how to start each instance. I think.
Both .wspr directories can't have the same name I am sure.
I need Help.

edit I got help

I set up a second user named wsprtest
From a console

An open question for the WSPR community:

If you had a dedicated WSPR beacon transmitter, how many bands should it be able to cover automatically? If more than one, should separate antenna connections be provided for each band, or should all bands be available at a single RF output?

Thanks and 73,

6m WSPR JA-VK was successful.
Now I'm preparing to work on 2m WSPR.
Is it possible to decode signal from DX stations?
I'm worried about heavy spectrum spreading during the propagation.

Thanks Guido PE1NNZ and Dan's,
for nice project WsprryPi

24 hours ago on 40m with GP and 10mW from Bare Raspberry PI/GPIO4 + BPF
My WSPR2 signal received in 1 minute :
2013-04-08 22:08 LA9JO JP99gb 1650km SNR -23
Now tried on 20 m and got reports from Norway, Germany, England, France ....
2E0BMG JO01lv 2397km
F4EFL JN16qh 2593km