The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Amazing really, one of the guy ropes on my 160m dipole snapped in the high winds yesterday leaving "the earthy end" on the ground. So at the moment I seem to have a horizontal 1/4 wave antenna NE/SW fed at the SW end, the other end being on the deck. Even so managed to receive a spot on 160m this morning from KD6RF, David in Texas. Not quite sure if I should fix it, leave it or try a different antenna!......73 John

Hello everyone.
I completed the 17 meter of this ongoing test and published it on YouTube.
The most difficult part of this test was teh lack of spotters on 17 meters band. So I send many thanks to those operators who tough it out and listen for beacons there.
Naturally there were no so many spots for this test, but that does not mean the test wasn't successful! SNR versus power levels would suggest something was working with the little compromise antenna.
Next test will be 30 meters, then I will follow that up with a 40 meters test.
73 and good dx

2015-01-11 09:08 ZL4OL 3.594036 -21 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69
2015-01-11 08:48 ZL4OL 3.594035 -21 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69
2015-01-11 08:38 ZL4OL 3.594035 -22 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69
2015-01-11 08:26 ZL4OL 3.594035 -20 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69
2015-01-11 08:26 ZL4OL 3.594022 -23 0 RE54gg 5 F5OIH JN06ci 19266 279
2015-01-11 08:16 ZL4OL 3.594035 -23 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69

K3 at 30 dBm to a multiband dipole (ZS6BKW)

Finally found out how to the the IC-7200 to work with WSPR and it's going great. Looking forward to antenna and propagation testing, especially portable.

Just getting started on WSPR!

i have been testing last days 30 meters, and at last i have been heard by japan, nice!!

Hello All
Myself and others will be txing WSPR on 630 meters tonight and almost every night.
Set your dial to 474.2 khz Upper side band.
You must have Experimental license to transmit .
You can rx and upload spots .
We appreciate all rx stations
You will be surprised what you can hear on an 80 meter dipole.

73 Ken WG2XXM / K5DNL

I will be transmitting 30 Meters from my base station in Scottsdale, Arizona to get some baseline database.
Beginning March 2 through May 8 I will be travelling to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.
I will be travelling Australia from east coast to west coast and up to north coast (Darwin) and
back down south to Sydney..Then 14 days in New Zealand up and down it's coast and Tasmania
somewhere in between. I will be keeping precise records of my GPS location while transmitting.

VK2KRR has some spots from EI, G, PA and R.......... That's very big ears.

We are in the middle of the season and the activity begins to grow.
On January 3, 77 dx spots, 12 active dx stations, 7 NA stations heard in EU, 4 EU stations heard in the USA.
On january 4, 113 dx spots, 10 active dx stations, 5 NA stations heard in EU, 6 EU stations heard in the USA.
These last two nights on 160m were interesting because conditions are good in both ways.
I hope the number of stations continues to grow because I'm late for my annual RX Challenge. My score is up to 22 NA calls heard (27 last year at the same time).




Greetings to all from a (very) new user! My wsjt/wspr build and install under CentOS 6.6 appears to have succeeded, but if the program tries to transmit it crashes with a core dump. At least I can receive (so far). Looking forward to seeing more spots on the map!

the new version will not work on my win7, i went back 2.0-171.
working lovely.