The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Hello All

Myself and other will be running WSPR beacons.
I will be qrv @ 0100 or before.
Set your dial at 474.2 khz upper side band.
I will be running 3 watts ERP into 60 ft vertical.
This station has been copied all over the US , AK, HI, Canada and EU
There is some info on qrz-dot-com.
My Call sign is WG2XXM ( Experimental License ).
Unless you have an experimental license you may not
transmit on this band.
However you can monitor and upload your spots.( Much Appreciated )

73 Ken WG2XXM / K5DNL

Tonight is the first time that my new MF active bandpass loop has been used. I will still use the 1m E-field active antenna on other bands as it is very convenient to have a flat 1KHz-30MHz antenna for general listening.

The new loop has a 4' square thin wire loop feeding a two pole bandpass then a very linear 6 transistor amplifier with a gain of two. The sensitivity is equivalent to the E-field antenna at 1V/M. At MF both antennae are band noise limited, the H field is as far from houses as possible, the E-field needs a move but tree and shrub screening is an issue.

My WSPR beacon is turned on 80m tonight. 5W into an OCF-Dipole.
Condx seem good with RX spots from KE6L, VK2XN, VK6ZT, VK2EIK and JA1PKG/5 already.

Yan - XV4Y.

One of my better reception reports.
2014-09-19 07:42 KQ2RP 14.097162 -27 1 FN20 0.1W VK5MR PF96lh 16927km
antenna = vertical W3EDP

Interesting contact from transmitter K9AN to receiver KD6RF, 10 Meters, on 2014-09-18 13:06 ---->

2014-09-18 13:06 K9AN 28.126167 -27 -1 EN50wc 2 KD6RF EM22 1050 218

Propagation on CONUS for some time before and after the above time was nil - I saw only US/Europe contacts for hours before and after the above spot time.

In addition, K9AN shows doppler 3 Hz low in frequency, and with a -1 drift. K9AN is, I believe, GPS locked, and KD6RF is rubidium locked, so the frequencies are likely accurate.

The old TS120S based WSPR system is now all good. The frequency drift has been stopped with the x-lock modification and now with the addition of Dimension 4 time lock to the laptop, I have a very good system.

I like this whisper stuff! I have a small screwdriver type ferrite/ ali core tuned whip mounted on the side of my shack in amongst the trees , brill!

2014-09-10 18:02 G4IKI 7.040105 -22 0 IO90ir 5 VK3KCX QF22qd 17036 74

Recently loaded up xubuntu 14.04 and successfully compiled WSPR thanks to M1GEO's webpage (thanks George!)

Would anyone be interested in an assembly service for the Ultimate 3 kit, produced by Hans G0UPL? This is an excellent compact multiband capable WSPR transmitter/beacon (as well as many other digital modes) and can be purchased from QRSSLabs with additional options.

Mike told me he would be there this weekend for the recovery of activity on 160m "across the pond". Well he has not missed his appointment. During the night, it was heard by G8DYK, G3ZJG and I F59706. He heard PA0O and especially G3ZJG to score a rare and first 2way across the pond of this new season.
Also to note, Bob K4RCG at my sunrise, heard with SNR=-15. The highest snr since the development of its 160/80m antenna.
A month after the start of the new season and thanks to Mike, my score for my Rx Challenge is up to 9.

Thanks to all and GL, Patrick

Simple universal interface with an internal sound card for digital modes for FT-897.
More details (sorry, in Russian) -

Karen, RA3APW

Attached picture shows a screenshot of reception and decode yesterday of two stations in the presence of multiple aircraft doppler and reflections. A particularly severe time period was 1542 (4th block from left).

Reception conditions:- 5 ele. H. pol. Yagi antenna beaming 330 deg, fairly optimal for both stations.
Heathrow airport is approx. 20km away at approx. 50 deg. az. (so off the side of the beam).

Didn't have presence of mind though to look at AirScout software to see how busy traffic was - one for next time!

73 Andrew G3NR

Test on 474.2kHz with ultimate-3 200mW L-Antenna with Variometer

Today on 40, I have decoded two spots for DL2XL:
1232 4 -0.8 7.040121 0 DL2XL JO31 23
1232 -8 -0.7 7.040137 0 DL2XL JN39 23
My first thought was it reflected some kind of spurious TX, but the geographic locators are different. Only one coincides with the QRZ entry. Maybe DL2XL can help solve the mystery.